What is Search Engine Optimization?

Do you have a great site but it can’t be found?  Search Engine Optimization is part of what you need.  LG Web Consulting will analysis your site and give you a detailed report on what needs to be done for search engines to find your site.  Key words used to be the best way to get ranked, things have changed.   Now Key words are only one piece of the puzzle. Search engines are now looking at several different areas aspects of each site. LG Web Consulting will sit down with you and come up with a plan to put all the pieces together seamlessly.

Keywords We look at your key words for effectiveness.  Every job starts with keyword/key phrase research.  Then we will provide you with the optimal keywords and key phrases for your target market.

Content is king!  Search engines want to see new, relevant, quality content added to your site on a regular basis.  The question is what do search engines consider relevant and how often is “on a regular basis”?

Linking has also changed.  Search engines used to want to see links between web sites.  Not so much the case today.  Now search engines want to see linking AND converstaion between indiviual web sites, Social Networking sites, article based sites and more.

Site Submission We will wisely and safely submit your site to all the major engines and directories on a regular basis.  We can also provide you with regular reports to track your progress and ranking history.

Traffic Reports Every successful seller attempts the need to understand his visitors first and then figure out the best way to sell to that visitor.  We can provide over 100 different reports to analysis the sources of your traffic thus helping to improve your marketing strategy.