Creating a Custom Website

Your web site needs to reflect the quality, value and personality of both you and your products and services while instilling desire and confidence of the viewer in your company. The site must also create emotional stimulation to engage the client in buying your product or service. Without these key ingredients in your web site you are turning this client to someone else’s customers.

If you already have a site we examine it to see how it relates to your consumer.  Before a client sees your site you have to be found, the search engines are a fickle bunch and if your site is not optimized your future client will probably never find you. If you think building a web site is an easy process its not, the components that make a productive web site are vast and complicated. Yes you can go to your local best buy and get a program to build a site and that’s great if all you want is a fill in the blank photo album site but it won’t sell your products or get anyone interested in your company. You can have a pretty site but pretty doesn’t put money in bank or pay the bills. You will just improve your competitions ability to grab your clients and their money.

Your investment in a web site is to reach a vast array of clients while reinforcing your advertising and marketing effort. You want to reflect your company and the products it offers while instilling confidence, desire, and emotion to start the buying processes. When you have met these key ingredients your business will prosper and meet your objectives to success.

How Do We Get Started?

Initial Consultation – Obtain a complete understanding of you, your business and your customers.  Everyone surfs the web, including you and your employees. What do you like, what do you dislike and most important WHY? What are your current marketing plans? Are those plans working for you?   What is your overall marketing/advertising budget?  How does your web site fit into that budget?  What do you want your site to do for you? Do you need a new logo or will we be using your current logo? What is your business color palette?

Proposal – Each proposal is a detailed outline of your web site structure including a list of pages that will be included, tools that your site will be using, basic function of site, hosting details, domain name details and a list email accounts that will be needed.

Design layout – Home page and all secondary pages layout for your approval.
Build your site- After you have approved the structure and layout we get to work building your site.

Teach you how to maintain your site – Once your site is complete it is time to teach you how to use it.

Hosting, Maintenance & Email

Hosting – LG Web Consulting offers unlimited hosting space for each site we build. With unlimited space your site can grow with your company.  Adding pictures, text or even pages is never a problem.  You want to add a shopping cart next year?  No problem, we will convert your current site to an e-commerce site and never have to change hosting.

Maintenance – as stated on the SEO page changing, updating and adding is a MUST.  LG Web Consulting can manage the site, you can do it yourself or a combination of the two.  LG Web Consulting will help you decide which option is best for you,

Email – Like all aspects of this business email has changed and evolved.  Professional email addresses, i.e. is no longer free.  Cost depends on your needs.