Pam Fink, Founder

While still in the corporate world Pam built a web site for herself in DOS.  Over the next 10 years she built sites from time to time for friends and co-workers.

In 2002 Pam retired from the corporate world and founded Lucey Group, now called LG Web Marketing.  Happy to be out of “Big Business” Pam decided to focus her company’s attention on small businesses, preferably 12 employees or less.  As a small business start up she understood the unique problems of small businesses.

In 2002

  • Search Engine Optimization was a new concept and fairly straight forward, stuff as many “keywords” on a page as possible and forget about it.
  • Social Networking, what was that??
  • Electronic Newsletters?  Expensive, time consuming and most small business customers did not have email addresses.

In 2019

  • SEO – Key Words are now Key Phrases
  • URL, page title, and page description need to complement each other
  • Social Networking – is now an integral part of SEO
  • You now need to “Boost” some of your Social Media posts
  • Blogging on your website is important
  • Electronic Newsletters are a must

Coming from the corporate world Branding is something that Pam is very familiar with.  Branding not only identifies you but your company’s products and services but also your company’s “Service” to the customer.   Unlike other web development companies Pam starts every new client conversation with What is your brand and who is your target market?  Everything grows from there.

Online marketing has come a long way in 17 short years!  Search Engine Optimization is advancing daily, Social Networking has grown into big business and Electronic Newsletters are common place.  Keeping up with changes is now a full time job and Pam loves it!  Pam is dedicated to keeping LG Web Consulting clients informed about the changes in online marketing and how they need to adapt to keep up.

Have questions on marketing, online or in print?  Contact Pam she would be happy to answer your questions.